UT can provide technical support for National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) projects ranging from technical study preparation, section writing, and third-party document review. UT has experience in all areas of habitat and species management plans, as well as Endangered Species Act listing and de-listing analyses.

UT has several technical specialties that might be applicable to your project: 404 Clean Water Act, Ordinary High Water Mark and wetland delineations; US Fish and Wildlife Service Biological Assessments; California wetland determinations and 1600 Streambed Alteration Agreements, and Regional Water Quality Control Board 401 certifications; multi-species field studies; and environmental compliance training and monitoring. 

UT's staff also have extensive experience on NPL-Superfund support projects, mining project support, soil/water/air monitoring for contaminants of concern in all media; Natural Resource Damage Claim and other litigation support.